About Us

Company profile

Date of foundation: 2019
Main business : Recruiting. Prejob training
Capital stock: 60000$ (6000000¥)
Address: Home 5-a Usmon Nosir street, Namangan city, Uzbekistan
Contact: +998902184687
Number of employee: 20

Our company mainly focus on Food manufacturing, Agriculture and Machinery/Metal production, as Uzbekistan has manufacturing industry and need trained personal.
Moreover, in recent days country mostly focus on construction of new multistore apartments and homes and therefore huge demand into trained personal in this area is coming out.

Migo recruiting agency holds language center as well called "YUME SCHOOL" LLC. And there are three Japanese language teachers who graduated Japanese language schools in Japan and their level is JLPT N2 and N3. Also there are two native Japanese language teachers.

There are 3 stages of selecting candidates. In the first stage we take psychological test in order to select the most suitable candidates. In the second stage we take a Japanese language exam. Our exams are mostly concentrated on speaking and listening skills. At the end we screen candiate's documents and require documents that prove candidate's health and crime record.

Migo recruiting agency has 5 translators who lives in Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. During initial adaptation, representatives visit at least once a week. After adaptation period representative visits at least once a month. Migo recruiting agency is going to keep continuous connection through sns (telegram, facebook, etc). In case of unexpected cases Migo recruiting support trainees with attendance.

Migo recruiting agency cooperates with local companies in terms of train their employees and find appropriate candidates. Therefore, Migo recruiting agency has a big potential to re-employ the trained candidates after coming back to Uzbekistan.

Our Business

We are one of the first recruiting companies in Uzbekistan. Our main business is matching human resources with available vacancies. Main purpose of our business is to find satisfaction both job offers and job seekers in the market.

We have an educational center called Yume in throughout Uzbekistan. We prepare before job training and education depending on needs. We offer language programs in English, Japanese,Russian as well specified program for our applicants.

Our mission

Satisfy both businesses and job seekers in order to satisfy society.

Our achievements

In short period we already sent more then 100 people in abroad such as:

  • Russia: Sewer 60, Construction 20
  • Belarus: Construction 10
  • UAE: Super Market 10, Housemate 10